The dream team for 2011

I never made a list of top restaurant visits  in 2010, although there were many good and memorable ones. Instead, I thought I’d make a list (I love making lists) of the restaurants I hope to visit in 2011.

Polpetto – My favourite Polpo’s little sister opened on Dean Street last year and was all over the food blogs. I made one weak attempt to go, but left quickly in hunger-stricken panic when I was told that I had to wait 50 minutes for a table. This time, I will persevere!

Scott’s – Situated on the elegant Mount Street (makes you feel like riff-raff just walking past), Scott’s is the place for fish and seafood. If J Sheekey impressed, what will Scott’s do?

Saf – I’m curious about this vegan restaurant in Shoreditch. The menu sounds interesting and I’ve heard that they serve great cocktails too. Healthy eating isn’t overly exciting, but maybe Saf can prove me wrong?

Tinello – Another Italian I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. I’ve read the reviews, peaked through the windows and browsed the menu. The owners are Locanda Locatelli protegés, so it better be good.

Dinings – I’ve heard many great things about this little Japanese bunker in Marylebone, and it seems a lot more exciting than the usual suspects (step forward Nobu and Zuma).


Moro – There are so many restaurants I’d like to visit around Exmouth Market, but Spanish Moro tops the list. I’ll bring the lovely L, she adores this kind of Mediterranean food too.

Harwood Arms – Just around the corner from my flat, this gastropub specialises in game and wild food and has even earned a Michelin star. Mmm roe deer…

Gastronomica – This unassuming deli in Pimlico was recommended to me by Douglas Blyde, and it was spot on.  I had a lovely Sunday brunch here with the young J and I still lust after the cheese board and tramezzini.

I could continue writing this list forever, but I need to stop somewhere. 2 last entries: Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner and Noma (the world’s best restaurant 2010 according to the Guardian) – a girl can dream, right?


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