No Ryvita today

It’s not that I don’t like Ryvita, but there are better crispbread brands on the market. When I’m in London I buy Ryvita all the time, but when I’m home I have other favourites. I confess that I mostly like the packaging and could easily buy a certain brand just by looking at the layout. There’s something old-fashioned and romantic about certain crispbread designs and the older they look, the better. I think I might be a crispbread snob.

This type of knäckebröd is made from sourdough (meaning it doesn’t taste like cardboard) and is produced in a region nearby mine. It’s perfect with a bowl of soup, or for breakfast with a slice of cheese. Paté is lovely too.

I’ve tried to make my own crispbread, but haven’t exactly perfected the skill yet. It was so hard to chew that I easily could’ve bidden a tooth adieu. For now I’ll settle with Fäbodknäcke and leave crispbread making to the professionals.


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