Very vegan and very raw

I have a Saturday ritual that I really don’t want to miss. Every week I stroll down to Partridge’s Food Market on Duke of York’s Square to get my weekly fix. I’m not after chocolate, cookies or some of those fabulous oysters on display, but Rainforest Creation’s raw food stall.

I’m mostly after the carob sweets, or the beetroot sweets if the black squares are gone, but a rainforest box, or if I’m feeling adventurous, a roti wrap, always goes down too.

For £5 you get a box filled to the brim with quinoa, wild rice, avocado, spicy chickpeas, kale, sprout balls and homemade hoummus. It might not sound exciting, but it’s a real feast for the eyes. The taste and texture is addictive, and will make you so full you can barely squeeze down the carob sweet. But just barely.

I always brushed off Raw Food as hippie nonsense. I also associated the movement with Sex and the City, if you remember that episode where Samantha meets Smith in the oh-so trendy RAW restaurant, where no one seemed to enjoy their meal of cold, vegetable mush.

But Rainforest Creations have made me a convert. Not that I eat raw food every day, but once a week I try to go for the healthy option.  I have long looked at the mango and chocolate cakes, and I’m already planning to buy one for my birthday. They’re wheat and sugar-free and have lots of fruits and nuts in them.

This weekend is the last chance to visit the stall before Christmas. The carob and ginger sweets last for at least a week, so I might stock up.

Here’s a link to Partridge’s Food Market, they are many other businesses that deserve a peak too.


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