All eyes on Copeman

Leaving the world of food for a bit, I have to introduce you to my friend and former housemate Fran Copeman, a brilliant up and coming artist. This week, Fran can be found in a World War II bunker at The Print House, showcasing the exhibition  “So am I just supposed accept this, am I?”, and I do suggest you check it out. I was there for the private view on Monday and apart from the fantastic art, the space is very cool too.

When Fran first told me she was an artist (although she’s always used this word reluctantly) I was hoping I didn’t have to praise her art because she was my friend, but because I genuinely liked her work. I didn’t have to worry, the portraits she was then working on were amazing and I have since then tried to convince her to draw a portrait of my grandma.

Here’s a little preview of what you can expect if you want to check out Fran at The Bunker. The exhibition is open to the public until December 21. Click here fore more details.


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