Saffron buns for St. Lucy’s Day

I had too much time on my hands yesterday and decided to bake. I’ve decided to do a full-on Christmas preparation this year and as it’s tradition to make saffron buns for December 13 in Sweden, I marched off to the supermarket to buy ingredients.

As a young girl December 13 is a special day, it’s Saint Lucy’s Day which means you get to dress up in a white sheet-like dress and wear a crown with electrical candles on your head. You sing Christmas carols and perform painfully early in the morning for family and friends. You also eat a lot of saffron buns and drink glögg (the non-alcoholic sort, mind you). Don’t we have the best traditions?

Saint Lucy’s Day is celebrated to commemorate Lucia (as we call her in Sweden), a virgin saint from Sicily who, in short, suffered a martyr death when she refused to get married. Lucia brings light to overcome the darkness (in Sweden there’s plenty of that in December) and in the traditional procession she’s followed by a posse of maids, all holding candles in their hands.

This is what it can look like.

Every year, the Swedish Church arranges a Lucia concert in London and this year it’s held in Westminster Cathedral. Tickets sold out a long time ago, so I’m just going to enjoy my saffron buns for now, hum to myself and check out this rather jazzy performance.


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