Introducing Moonstreet

Even if you’re not a cookie monster you’ll like Moonstreet. A French company based in New York, Moonstreet’s cookies come in fun flavours such as white chocolate & rose petals, chocolate chip & roasted walnuts and milk chocolate & praline. But it’s the boxes that are the selling point.

I have no clue if they’re tasty or not, but if they were good for Marc Jacob’s showroom in Milan for Fashion Week 2010, they might do it for me too. I don’t want to get too girly-girly, but I could do with a pink box of Rebel Rose.

Moonstreet was founded by Mickael Benichou, a Wall Street guy who went from banking to baking. It all started when Benichou was studying English in New York ten years ago. One day he stumbled upon a baking-mad neighbour, a sweet old lady called Ida, who taught him all the tricks in the book about cooking.

Upon his return to New York years later, he contacted Ida but found her very ill. Fortunately, before she passed away, she gave him her secret book of recipes as a testament to their good friendship. It was this book that sparked the beginning of Moonstreet, and Benichou’s wish to create “flavors never tasted before in the US.”

You can’t get a hold of Moonstreet in the UK yet, but rumour has it that they’ll be stocked in Harvey Nichols very soon…


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