A great Greek feast for New Year’s Eve

I had to set up a Twitter account as part of my former job, and I have to admit I was less than impressed with it at first. I saw no point in telling the world what I was going to have for lunch, and I never felt I had anything witty to say à la Fry. After a while however, I started to make Twitter friends, and twitpic became a natural part of any meal.

One of my Twitter friends is Elisavet Sotiriadou, a profilic Twitterer and Greek food lover (this is fittingly her Twitter name too). She also does appearances as a DJ and spins Greek and Swedish tunes to, what I can only assume, an enthusiastic crowd.

Elisavet runs her own supper club, aptly named Greekfoodlover’s supper club, where she cooks authentic Greek food for anyone who’s got the hots for Hellas. On New Year’s Eve, she’s putting on a special night, which is worth checking out if you’re tired of the usual December 31 stress-o-rama. Sounds rather good to have someone cook for you, instead of being forced to plan a fancy menu which, since it’s NYE, has to be as expensive and impressive as possible.

The supper club starts at 7.30 and you’ll enjoy 9 different courses before the bell strikes midnight (although dinner will end before that). I know where I’ll be celebrating New Year’s and I’m lucky if we manage to whip up 3 courses. And I know potato dauphinoise and some form of steak will be at least one of the dishes…

For £45 you’ll enjoy (are you ready?):

Baked haloumi with a fig sauce made of Greek dried figs; Melitzanosalata/Aubergine dip; Tzatziki; Reindeer with roasted parsnips; Lagana bread and olives. That’s for starters.

Pork fillet with prunes served with rice and Greek roasted potatoes, plus a salad of fresh beetroot and green leaves with dressing will be your yummy main.

To finish off, there’ll be baklava and other dessert surprises.

BYOB – that’s bring your own bubbly and if you’re of Scandi origin, don’t forget the snaps.

For more information and to secure a booking, click here.


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