Will Chelsea heart Cocomaya?

Since I’m now working for an artisan chocolate company, I’ve suddenly taken a deep interest in all things chocolate. Being also a Chelsea resident, I paid extra attention when I heard news about Cocomaya opening their second store on Pavilion Road, off Sloane Square.

Cocomaya launched 2009 in Connaught Village and is one of those pretty shops you read about in Stylist or Vogue, and you always think “I should really go there”. Of course, that never happens. But now, with the second outpost opening in SW1, which is basically just a stone’s throw away from my house, I have no excuse for not going.

I also haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, and need any tips I can get to fill my suitcase with gifts before I head north for Christmas.

My initial thought was that I was less interested in the fine chocolates (at the moment I have the fridge full of these anyway), and more keen to enjoy the artisan bakery, but reading about hampers and hand-made gingerbread houses, sour cherry chocolates and other treats, I might have to check this selection out. You know, for a chocolate-lusting aunt…

My mother and I always used to make gingerbread houses in preparation for Christmas, and I remember how much fun we had baking, decorating and listening to Christmas tunes. Of course, after three weeks standing in all its Christmas glory, over-decorated with pick ‘n’ mix candy, the house turned stale and had to be thrown away. I don’t think I ever ate a single gingerbread house, although ironically, that was the only thing I could think about when making them. These days, my gingerbread house-building days are over, but maybe it’s time to pick one up and resume the tradition again.

Gingerbread house memories aside, what I hope to find in Cocomaya’s bakery is some delicious rustic bread. With promises of “divine bread”, I’m hoping this doesn’t refer to the ubquitous ciabatta, but to more unusual varities such as rye bread. Or maybe a walnut and raisin loaf…

Cocomaya only seats 16 people, so it won’t be a quiet affair getting a table. But for a banana loaf or a bramley apple ganache, I might just give it a go…


3 thoughts on “Will Chelsea heart Cocomaya?

  1. Great post. Im going to go and have a look at this place. Can you give me a link to their site?
    Hope they’re ‘divine bread’ lives up to it’s own very high praise! Will report back ….

  2. I’ve been to this cafe with my husband and kids. The cakes are good but the staff are very unwelcoming, unfriendly and actually quite rude! My children, who are generally quite well behaved, we’re told off by the waitress for touching the sugar cubes on our table (!)/ twice!!! We complained to the manager but she said tha the waitress was just doing her job! I would not recommend this cafe!

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