Cupcakes gone mad: Eat Your Heart Out & the Pretox Potion

Forget about Mad Hatters, this autumn it’s all about Mad Artists and Bakers. You wouldn’t expect cutesy cupcakers, cake poppers and macaroon makers to get all evil on you, but hey-ho, when Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion was announced, the baking world went from bland to bold.

You might wonder what I’m on about. Well, Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion is the world’s first 18+ cake shop (kids stay inside), coming up just in time for Halloween.

666 treats will be sold each day between the 28th – 31st October at Maiden in Shoreditch. Participating artists, bakers and potion-makers include Lily Vanilli, Jellymongers, Ms Cupcake and Black Cherry Bakery.

Kooky Bakes are represented too, and with cookies normally containing unconventional flavours (kettle crisp cookies, anyone?) we wonder how these monster munchies will turn out. Most of the creations will contain a drop of Pretox’s Alibi energy-boosting potion (or is it elixir?) with beneficial vitamins & herbs.

The idea behind the event is to connect artists and their work, “bringing their most disturbing visions to life in delicious edible forms for Halloween”.

Warning: do not bring your niece or nephew for some pretty fairy cakes, we assure you that the edibles are enough to make most people blush. With one sculptor investigating road kill as cake decoration, we think you get the picture. Meet you there for a creepy cake pop or two?


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