Chocolate tasting at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square

The London Marriott Grosvenor Square’s 25th birthday has been celebrated in true 5-star hotel style. Whereas I had a modest dinner at Favela Chic for my 25th, the Marriott are throwing a much bigger bash. With 25 events running this autumn, there have been some pretty cool things going on. Wine tasting, cocktail making and now, a chocolate tasting with artisan chocolatiers Désir du Chocolat, have been on the agenda. In the spirit of Chocolate Week, we thought it would be rude not to sample pralines and sip champagne, so off we went to hurrah.

Désir du Chocolat’s mission is to push the boundaries when it comes to chocolate making, combining architecture, graphic design and fashion to make the luxury chocolate brand stand out from other competitors. We were shown just a sneak peak of what they can make, but were quite impressed nonetheless.

A chocolate tower made up of a mesh of butterflies was a highlight, as was a mini model of London’s skyline. There was no nibbling on these architectural wonders, but luckily guests were able to try Désir du Chocolat’s other assortments.

Placed on Undergrowth Design’s cake stands, with the encouraging words ‘Eat Me’, there was no one that didn’t obey this command.

Patrick Klugesherz, Managing Director of Désir du Chocolat walked around and spread his enthusiasm for chocolate and emphasised that nothing is impossible when it comes to his company’s vision of making awe-inspiring chocolate. Only the best of the best get to work with Désir, making sure that the highest quality is maintained. Guests seemed to agree, mingling, sipping and munching away.

Our favourites were a coriander and hazelnut praline with lemon marzipan, an anise and badian anise almond praline in white chocolate, as well as a heart-shaped white chocolate ganache with bergamotte Earl Grey. We would’ve happily stuffed our pockets with all the chocolate that was in the room, but decided it might have been frowned upon.

We walked away feeling like we’d done a good job celebrating Chocolate Week, Marriott Grosvenor’s birthday… and good ‘ol Piper Heidsieck of course.


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