A supper club night at Fernandez and Leluu’s with Unearthed and Action Against Hunger

Fight hunger – eat in, that was the message Action Against Hunger, Unearthed and Fernandez and Leluu’s Supper Club wanted to put across at a charity dinner held last Wednesday. Food bloggers and food lovers were invited to this fantastic night to raise awareness for Action Against Hunger’s latest campaign, which encourages people to host their own dinner parties, inviting friends to make donations in return for the (hopefully) delicious meal.

If anyone knows anything about a delicious meal it’s Simon Fernandez and Uyen Luu, whose supper club everyone keeps on praising. To me it was a supper club first, and I have to say like many before me, that I felt slightly nervous walking up to a house I’d never been before, to enjoy a meal with a bunch of strangers.

Of course, I didn’t have to worry. Uyen simply is the hostess with the mostess, and I was quickly ushered into a cosily lit living room, already buzzing with excited foodies. Simon Day, co-host of the night and founder of Unearthed, a continental food brand, was there to talk about the company’s involvement in the Fight Hunger Eat In campaign, as well as to supply the supper club with delicious delicatessen products.

Unearthed are donating one penny from the sale of each product to support grandparent-headed households in Zambia. It ought to set a good example to other food companies.

With over 20 foodies in one room, all keen to snap a photo of the dishes or ooh and aah over the creations, conversation levels were as loud as can be. Poor neighbours… Food kept on coming, and we kept on eating.

Duck paté, oyster mushrooms, smoked ham, rillette and spanish omelette came in first. The rillette was so rich and quite impossible to resist. The other delicacies were pretty moreish too.

A sweet corn soup with chorizo foam followed. Gorgeous!

The flamenquines, pork and ham rolls, were my favourite. With the dip sauces (mustard and I think the other had parsley in it) this was a winning dish.

To give you an idea of the ambiance.

And Uyen just brought more and more food in…

Creamy Russian salad with meatballs in chipotle sauce. I think there were aubergines in there too.

The serrano ham on a bed of salad leaves came with poached pears in champagne. Top points for the pretty jar (and the taste of course!).

My food photo odyssey unfortunately ends here. Before I had to dash off, I tucked in to a baked rice dish filled to the brim with chorizo, potatoes and other goodness, and on my way out Uyen encouraged me to grab a cinnamon churro, dipped in chocolate. A moment of true euphoria.

If you want a dining experience out of the ordinary, I would definitely recommend making a reservation at Fernandez and Leluu. The quality and service exceed by far many “real” restaurants in London, and at least you know that if your date’s a bore, you can turn around and chat to other diners. Win for everyone!

To read more about Action Against Hunger’s and to support their quest to fight hunger and save malnourished children across the world click here. You can sign up for the Fight Hunger Eat In campaign on their website, they offer plenty of tips and advice if you want to host a dinner with a twist.


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