Wall Street II: Do London the Gordon Gekko way

We can hardly wait for the sequel to 80’s classic Wall Street. Out on October 6, Gordon Gekko et al. return in Money Never Sleeps, and the expectations are sky high for tailored suits, unforgettable quotes and money matters.

We’ve constructed the ultimate London Wall Street walk to keep you busy before the movie hits UK silver screens. It ain’t New York, but London can do the ‘greed is good’ bit pretty well too.

1.  You need a good start to conquer the finance world. Drink coffee. Strong coffee. Begin your day at Fernandez and Wells’s famous Espresso Bar. Grab a posh croissant while you’re at it too.

2. Leave  Soho and move to affluent St. James’s.  Stop off at Emmett, this year’s winner of The Great Little Shop Awards, and get a fancy, limited edition shirt. Situated in Jermyn Street, the ultimate street for luxury items, this is the place for completing your I-mean-business look.

3. Stay in St. James’s and enjoy lunch at super swish Quaglino’s. It is recession time, so the prix fixe lunch menu is the right thing to look at. 3 courses for £19.50 is a bargain. Of course, if you’re completely immersed in your Gordon Gekko role, you don’t give a rat’s ass: order the £45 lobster.

4. By now it’s time to work off your luxurious lunch. Fencing at The Lansdowne Club is exactly what you need. Let out all your frustrations, the FTSE is so unreliable these days, and then relax in the 25 yard Art Deco, heated swimming pool.

5. Return to the office and trade for one hour, before you head back out again. You desperately need a new gadget for your bachelor pad – tech giant Bang & Olufsen is a must visit. Pick up the latest loudspeakers and you’re set to impress.

6. It’s time to meet up with your pretty lady friend at Dukes, and get ready to sip the best dry (and oh-so strong) martini in town. Take in the sophisticated surroundings before you make a move for your dinner reservations.

7. Home sweet home. Almost. The City is where you spend most of your time anyway, and Gary Rhodes’ Twenty Four is such a reliable restaurant. The view from Tower 42 is fantastic, the food is Michelin flawless and it’s just what a high maintenance guy like yourself needs.

8. If you’ve still got steam after dinner, head to Annabel’s and party the night away with your fellow Gekko friends…


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