Make that four focaccias please – La Bottega del Caffé hits London

When I walked into La Bottega del Caffé’s opening night yesterday I must’ve found the secret door to Italy. All I could hear was Prosecco, prosciutto and per favore, which was rather refreshing.

La Bottega del Caffé is a great addition to the food wasteland around Topshop on London’s Regent Street, and should thrive on starving shoppers that have grown tired of the ubiquitous Costas, Starbucks and Neros.

The Italian franchise (currently eyeing up UK expansion) isn’t the cosiest of places, it has a slight fast food feel to it, but with fresh paninis, focaccias and salads, it’s far superior than your average sarnie shop. It also smells of take away success.

Italians take their coffee seriously, and judging by my strong espresso last night, La Bottega means business. Other than your regular coffee what-have-yous, you can also order zabaione and pistachio cappuccin0 or a delicious-sounding almond biscuit frappuccin0. And yes, they serve tea, too.

I was lucky enough to sample La Bottega’s sandwiches, filled with salami, mortadella and other cured meats. Soft cheeses were smooth and flavoursome, and made me greedy for more.

The croissants looked inviting, too…

…teamed with Prosecco.

If you’re around Oxford Circus head to 322 Regent Street: and check out La Bottega del Caffé for yourselves.


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