Fancy that fish: Geales fish restaurant launches

The opening of Geales fish restaurant in Chelsea last week was a success in many ways. 1) I could eat as much fish and chips as I liked 2) Chelsea has now a reasonably priced restaurant 3) Did I mention the fish and chips?

Established in Notting Hill in 1939, Geales, has finally found the perfect spot for its Chelsea sister. Situated on Chelsea Green, off the Kings road, the relaxed seaside restaurant already has a friendly neighbourhood feel.

The place is upscale (after all this is Chelsea), but not over the top posh and the menu is recession friendly. The famous battered fish start at £9.50 and the classic fish pie comes in at £13.50. The lunch deal is also a winner.

Of course, there’s more to Geales than fried fish, so if you’re not a fan of greasy nosh you can always order oysters, seafood platters or a reliable steak. The dessert menu is safe, with classics such as apple and blackberry crumble, strawberry trifle and sticky toffee pudding.

The gingham curtains, white table cloths, grey walls and black and white photographs all contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. Nothing is edgy or try-hard, but Geales doesn’t have to be – classic and simple can go a long way too.

And what about the famous fish and chips? Well, I can testify that Geales really made the cut. The batter was perfectly crispy, while the fish was perfectly cooked. The chips were crunchy and the tartar sauce smooth and flavoursome – it was hard not to over-indulge (erm…).

Geales is definitely a place worth checking out, so if you’re in the mood for a cheeky cod, I suggest you head Chelsea way now.


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